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Somatic Therapy with Ade

What is Somatic Therapy?

In Western culture we are often highly identified with our mind and thoughts, leaving a crucial part of the healing process out; the body.  While traditional types of therapy are critical forms of support through cognitive understanding of our lives, Somatic Therapy is a form of body-centered therapy.  There are 2 pillars within somatic therapy that I like to focus on - nervous system regulation, and emotional processing, both very different and both necessary for lasting health and healing.  The body, and to be more specific the nervous system and brain, holds on to experiences and long after we've stopped cognitively thinking about them.  With somatic therapy we look at the mind-body connection, using both physical therapies and discussion for holistic healing.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork has been around as long as humans have.  It is often utilised in somatic therapy practice, and is being studied by scientists and universities across the Globe as a means to heal conditions like PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even ailments like IBS.  By connecting to the body and our breath in specific ways we are able to tap in to our nervous system, and the deeper parts of subconscious, helping us to emotionally process, gain insight, and build resilience.  Within my practice I utilise many different types of breathwork to aid healing in both the nervous system regulation pillar and the emotional processing pillar.

How does a session work?

Each session is completely individual and tailored to suit your needs, and goals.  We will spend time establishing what these are, before using breath and bodywork to move through them.  Utilizing the breath and other body-based therapies, as well as discussion, we'll move deeper into the emotional body and the subconscious to provide deep processing and lasting healing.  Working together can be tailored to suit scheduling and financial needs.

What are the benefits of somatic therapy?

A regulated nervous system contributes to reduced anxiety, alleviated depression, boosted immune function, increased energy, reduced chronic pain, improved focus and attention, improved digestion and sleep, and much more.

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